Oh Sugar Cakes

Home based cake business offering cakes for any occasion

Please read carefully before ordering a cake with us

All cakes must have a deposit on them to secure any booking. The deposit amount depends on the type of cake you order.

Most celebration cakes need a £10 deposit unless it is above £100 then the deposit will be more depending on the final cost of the cake. If this is the case the deposit amount will be decided by me the proprietor.

Wedding cakes require a £100 deposit unless otherwise agreed by the proprietor.

All deposits are non refundable if the cake is cancelled for any reason and are not transferable onto another cake.
Please be aware of this before ordering.

In the unlikely hood that i the proprietor were to cancel the order for any reason then a full refund would be given.......this is very unlikely.

Transporting and storing a cake

Cakes are very delicate and not made of steel, therefore must be transported with care.

The cake must be kept completely flat at all times not tilted or kept uneven. The best place to transport a cake is in the boot providing it is big enough. The foot well is another option but again as long as it hasn't got to be tilted  to get it in and there is adequate space. 

We do not advise putting a cake on a seat or lap as these are not flat surfaces. 

It must be kept cool at all times but not in the fridge unless it has a chocolate finish to it.

Please note that once the cake has left the premises, oh sugar cakes can not be held responsible for any damage, so please take great care when carrying/transporting your cake.

If any damage has happened once left the premises there may be a charge to put it right depending on the extent of the damage to the cake. If the damage is too extent then it may not be able to be put right. This is decided by the proprietor who has the right to decide if or not the cake can be fixed.